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Passion for Innovation

Passion for Innovation

ABI Lab is the Centre of Research and Innovation for Banks sponsored by ABI (the Italian Banking Association) with a view to encouraging dialogue between banks and innovation partners. 

Ours is a Consortium of 122 Banks and 70 companies whose mission is to analyse and foster innovation in the Italian banking sector.

We define programmes for innovation within the banking sector

We conduct research with the aim of identifying innovative technologies and systems that can be used in the banking world, to improve processes, operations and services and make the models for managing relations and interacting between banks and customers even more efficient and advanced. 

Observing the opportunities offered by technology, we work to favour sustainable development to the benefit of all players involved: banks, companies and end customers. In addition to research activities, we work with a variety of institutions, using our expertise to develop shared frameworks and guidelines.

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At a European level, we are active in various projects financed by the European Commission and in a number of working groups, where we offer our contribution on the subject of innovation and cybersecurity.

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