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The objective of the project is the creation of a platform for the end-to-end management of salary-backed loans for civil servants (assignment of one-fifth salary), to standardize and make the current process more efficient thanks to DLT technology.

Developed on the ABILabChain,  EASY CQS DLT was born from the collaboration between ABI Lab, the MEF (Italian Ministry of Economy and Finances) and 10 participants active in salary assignments, representing around 70% of the reference sector, who financed the development of the Easy Loan DLT pilot phase concluded in February 2022.


  • Automation of interactions based on logic shared between participants (Smart Contract)
  • Secure signing of transactions
  • Forms dematerialization
  • Immutable Track Record of the history of the practice starting from the information request
  • Process standardization
  • Data transfer between all the actors involved


  • Acquisition of Competitive Advantage: Time-to-Cash reduction and creation of commercial benefits towards other players
  • Increased Structure Efficiency: reduction of expected workloads for the management of MEF state practices
  • User Experience improvements: streamlined, transparent process and with the possibility of tracking the status of the request

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