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Areas of research

We conduct research with the aim of identifying innovative technologies and systems that can be used in the banking world, to improve processes, operations and services and make the models for managing relations and interacting between banks and customers even more efficient and advanced.

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Artificial Intelligence

The banking sector is in the front line when it comes to assessing and understanding the ways that artificial intelligence may encourage programmes for digital transformation: projects that leverage on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are making their way into banks’ business plans in an increasingly structural manner, assisting with the various transformation initiatives already under way or planned. In order to assist banks in a programme of experimenting with this technology, ABI Lab has launched AI Hub.

Blockchain & DLT

The blockchain/DLT offers a vast range of applications that can be extended to various areas of banks’ core processes (payments, finance, lending, know your customer, etc.) and, as a subject, it is one of the priorities for research in the field of banking.


Those failing to plan their security, are planning their failure. The financial sector, by its very nature, is in the sights of “State-sponsored” players, groups of cybercriminals, malicious insiders and hacktivists and is now the main target in the cyber landscape.

Digital Transformation

The programme for digital transformation in banks includes the development and enhancement of digital channels as one of the primary and most important steps to take, while not forgetting the importance of the physical channel for certain specific needs.

Fintech Innovation

The ongoing evolution in the field of financial services, boosted by the presence of new players, is driving banks to seek innovative and disruptive solutions to suit increasingly demanding and digitalised customers.

IT & Operations

We support the transformation of banking Operations with automation, digitalisation and programmes of cultural change, while fostering the commitment towards enhancing the assets of knowledge and skills.

Sustainable Banking Transition

We are enabling a process of operational and cultural change to support banks with the sustainable transformation of operations, processes and the range of products on offer in the financial market.

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